Extrovert Yourself

by Daniella Darby
  • Book Author : Daniella Darby
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Book Description

Whether it comes to professional endeavors or personal relationships, extroverts gain a distinct advantage over those who are no less skilled or worthy, but maybe quieter, less ostentatious, or just prefer solitude over the constant din of crowds. Extroverts not only get access to a larger pool of potential partners to choose among, but on average also receive promotions faster and are paid higher for the exact same jobs. So what does this say to you? Introverts often take this to mean that they just need to orient their lives in directions that rely less on social skills, so that they can be entirely comfortable in their own skins and follow the paths of their innate personality. But does that really work? Bottom line — if you want to truly experience and enjoy everything that life has to offer, the only thing standing in the way is YOU. No one disagrees that this may be unfair to those who are innately introverted and seek to avoid the limelight, but such are the rules of the game. To be able to carve out a space for yourself in life, where you can dictate the laws of your own environment — whether at home or in the office — you need to reach a level where you have the power to do so, and to get there, you need to play the game like everyone else. This book will guide you along this path, helping you learn how to extrovert yourself!

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