Failing As a Parent: And Other Thoughts from a (Slightly) Overwhelmed Mom of Two Small Boys (Good Mom Book 3)

by Shelley Wenger
  • Book Author : Shelley Wenger
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Book Description

For anyone who has had children, ever, then you know the challenges of raising them, the doubts you experience and the frustrating moments when they either don’t listen to you, or simply want your undivided attention when you have something more pressing to do.It’s a natural part of a period in your life, when you will most likely question your sanity and think that you are a failure. But the reality is usually far removed from that.In Failing as a Parent: And Other Thoughts from a (Slightly) Overwhelmed Mom of Two Small Boys, you will find a collection of thoughts on raising children, many of them hurriedly scribbled down in a passing moment of calm, which you will probably be able to relate to.Things like keeping your house clean, sibling rivalry, judging other parents and dealing with insecurities are all dealt with using a mixture of humor and experience, with a bit of exasperation thrown in.Failing as a Parent isn’t designed to be a self-help book, it doesn’t provide you with the answers, or try to tell where you’ve gone wrong, but it should brighten your day, make you smile and hopefully help you realize that none of us are perfect.

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