Feminized in the Name of God

by Yu Sakurazawa
  • Book Author : Yu Sakurazawa
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

The mysterious life of a boy whose mother married God.Laksh is born to a temple dancer cum prostitute named Anita. Laksh’s grandma is unhappy that her fair and lovely grandchild is a baby boy. She had hoped that Anita would give birth to a baby girl, who could later be forced into prostitution. As Laksh grows into puberty, his evil grandma surreptitiously feminizes him. Laksh, now called Lily, is now a beautiful young woman. Lily, a trained dancer, is forced to perform for Desai, a depraved rich young man. Desai wishes to make Lily his mistress, but Lily wants to grow up to be an educated trans woman and marry her boyfriend, Vivek Joshi. Will Lily be able to live the life of her dreams and escape the web of prostitution her grandma has spun for her?

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