Fever & Flame: A Paranormal Demigod Romance

by Rose Ivory

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Book Description

Since childhood, Iver Holt and his brothers had hidden themselves away. They were known throughout Evergreen Cove as a fine, upstanding family, but underneath, there was something more. Something powerful, and dangerous, that even they couldn’t name. Isolation was a choice. Suppression essential for survival. Knowing his own monstrous self, Iver would never allow a woman into his life, into the line of fire. His rough hands had caused pain before, but never again. When Gemma moved into the town on the arm of Andy, the smarmy would-be mayor, Iver tried to fight his fixation. To bury the feelings that plagued him from the moment he first laid eyes on the beautiful redhead with the loud mouth. A New York vixen, so out of his league that the idea of the two of them would be laughable, even more laughable than the thought of winning her away from the town’s golden boy. But when his brother loses a handle on his own powers, impossibly attacking a man before Gemma’s terrified eyes, Iver finds himself as her reluctant captor. Assailants, recruiters, or strangers with an even darker purpose are firing on the Holts from all sides, but that’s the least of his concerns. In such close quarters, resisting Gemma might be the greatest trial of his life so far. *This is Book 1 of The Holt Brothers Paranormal Romance Series. The world features demigods, shapeshifters, vampires, angelic beings, and more.*

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