Financial Planning and Debt Planning : How to Plan a Successful Life

by Tony GIggs

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Book Description

This book carefully details on how you can use your finances to become happy and prosperous in what you do. We will look at what it entails to have financial prosperity and freedom. What is financial prosperity? How do you know you are living in financial prosperity? What makes you successful in your finances? Is financial prosperity and financial freedom the same? Many people wish they could: 1) Make a lot of money 2) Pay off my debts 3) Go on vacation 4) Buy some good staff 5) Own/rent a home All these are very important questions you need to answer as an individual before you say you have financial prosperity. Truth be told, the standard definition of financial prosperity and financial freedom that cuts across the board has nothing to do with how much money you earn or how much is in your bank, or how much you spend. Now, let us define financial freedom then define financial prosperity. Financial Freedom is the ability of an individual to take charge of his or her finances. If I ask you, is your money controlling you or are you the one controlling your money? If you are the one controlling your finances then you have financial freedom, if your finances is controlling you then you need to consider. This means an individual might be getting $100 but that person has financial freedom and one who earns $1000 has no financial freedom.Financial Prosperity is the ability of an individual live within their financial capability.

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