Finding Tiger: A Novel

by Gabriel Schirm

Promo Price: $4.99

Book Description

The life of Atlas Green has been shaped by the blurred memory of his parents' tragic disappearance, for which he blames himself. When Atlas meets the girl of his dreams, Isabel, and loses her phone number, his stand-in father, Gramps, pushes him to take an unlikely chance on love by traveling from Colorado to Spain to find Isabel, following clues in a guidebook she left behind. As Gramps succumbs to Alzheimer's disease back home, Atlas must decide if he should return to Colorado or continue his search for Isabel. On this inspiring quest, Atlas learns to listen to his own inner whispers of truth while struggling to find the courage to follow his path. Finding Tiger teaches us all the value of following our own curiosity to the ends of the Earth and learning to believe in the magic of life once again.

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