Finding Your Balance: How To Look Good, Feel Amazing, and Never Have To Start All Over Again

by Shaun Herr

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Book Description

For everyone who’s tired of restarting their diet. “I’m starting my diet again this week.” “The diet starts again Monday.” “I just need to stick with it this time.” Sound familiar? These are all the things we all find ourselves saying every few months - shortly after realising our latest diet attempt has gone sideways. This book is for people who are tired of dieting, for people who want to look and feel good without feeling guilty about indulging themselves from time to time, for people like you. In this revolutionary book, Shaun Herr teaches you a new way to think about your food. One that makes it easy to finally reach your goals, and more importantly - how to keep them. It’s not about dieting. It’s not about finding the willpower to stick with it. It’s about Finding Your Balance.

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