Finnigan the Circus Cat

by Mary Wagner

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Book Description

Maximilian and Leroy are two circus mice cousins who think they’ve got it made in the shade at the old, shuttered Farnsworth Circus Museum. There are no dogs around, there’s a safe path to the full pantry in the old house, and the barn is full of dry hay and old circus wagons to hang out in. But when a new generation of Farnsworths move in, things start to shake up. And when eight-year-old Lucy Farnsworth brings home a tiny rescue kitten and hides him in the barn because her dad is allergic to cats, Max and Leroy need to think fast if they’re going to be able to stay. With the help of Boomer—the strangely silent family dog—Max and Leroy take the new kitten under their wing and show him the ins and outs of living at the museum, and flying “under the radar.” Along the way, they all find that the family that you make can be just as important as the one you came from. And when Leroy finds himself in peril as the villainous neighborhood cats come a’hunting, it's Finnigan the Circus Cat who saves the day! Inspired by a “real life” rescue kitten, this book is the first in a series featuring Finnigan, the Farnsworth family, and Maximillian and Leroy as the circus museum reopens. This heartwarming book will delight both children and adults, or in the the circus ringmaster's announcement, “Ladies, Gentlemen and Children of All Ages!”

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