Fire, Lightning, and the Zombies of Doctor Prometheus

by Christopher Mazatek
  • Book Author : Christopher Mazatek
  • Promo Start : 04/14/2018
  • Promo End : 04/21/2018
  • Category : Horror
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Promo Price: $0.99

Book Description

“Fire, Lightning, and the Zombies of Doctor Prometheus” is a modern-day fable that takes place in an alternate universe. It is the world of one Doctor Prometheus, who heads the board of directors of the mega-bank, the largest and the most important financial institution of Dollarworld. As he first becomes the board’s CEO a sudden crisis emerges: that of an ever-increasing, seemingly insurmountable amount of National Debt. Instead, late one stormy night, in the confines of a secret laboratory, he reanimates and unleashes a legion of his own horde of Zombies, that voraciously devour any and all consumer electronics. Only the bright light of the lame of the torch of Dr Prometheus can command the Zombies. Some his torch becomes a universal beacon, that all of the rest of the world looks on with both dread and ,grudgingly, also a sense of high esteem. Soon a plague Hordes of Zombies quickly spreads throughout all corners of the known world, as anyone who is in contact with a Promethean Zombie also becomes one of the consumer electronics devouring undead, like all of the rest. The human race itself is threatened with extermination, and the last remaining survivors, as a final resort, set about conducting their own resurrection ceremony. They select, to be reanimated, the single person known throughout history to have any chance of defeating Prometheus at his own agenda: the Serbian born inventor Nikola Tesla.

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