First Rhyme Mom

by Leanne Stoneley

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Book Description

HUMOROUS, HONEST, HEARTFELT: A poetic journey through pregnancy and the first six months of motherhood. This poetry collection is inspired by my own journey into motherhood, detailing the trials, tribulations, transcendence and triumphs I have experienced so far. This collection of 40 poems covers topics, such as: announcing a pregnancy, giving birth, the lack of sleep, the highest and lowest emotions felt, the mommy social world, weaning, the funny bits, having ‘me time’, as well as a whole host of other things pregnancy and early motherhood thrust upon us! Written in a thought-provoking, original and relatable way, this collection is the perfect partner and keepsake for every parent and those soon to be. This is the first book in the ‘First Rhyme Mom’ series

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