Five Years in the Himalayas, The Journals & Field Notes of Explorer M.G. Hawking

by M.G. Hawking

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Free on Amazon 12/25 - 12/29/19. Discover an Extraordinary World and its Profound Knowledge. Composed from the journals of explorer M.G. Hawking’s five years in remote areas of the Himalayas, this book transports the reader into regions of our planet that in all history only a handful of people have experienced, a journey that leads to the discovery of unparalleled esoteric knowledge. Over the past years the team at Wisdom Masters Press has assembled a series of books based on Hawking’s chronicles containing unprecedented accounts of his experiences and conversations with the remarkably enlightened individuals he encountered, including first-hand narratives of the psychokinetic abilities he witnessed and in-depth descriptions of the esoteric knowledge and techniques that made such exceptional abilities possible. We invite you to journey into a legendary world deep in the Himalayan Mountains to explore the knowledge of true masters and sages. Discover profound revelations that for long millenniums have remained concealed from the world at large. Magical, entertaining and richly enlightening, this anthology is an incomparable read for anyone seeking greater knowledge and personal power. A Kindle Unlimited Book, 2020 Edition. For more information, please see the ‘Look Inside’ feature on the book’s Amazon page. Thank you.

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