Forbidden Country

by John Spiars

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Book Description

Writing in the style of Louis L'Amour, Zane Grey, Larry McMurtry and William W. Johnstone, Best-Selling Western Author John Spiars is back with FORBIDDEN COUNTRY, the 5th Volume in the Heck Carson Western Series Heck Carson is finally enjoying his dream of being a rancher, though with money being in short supply, he still has to spend much of his time working as a bounty hunter for the Texas governor. With his brother, two ranch hands, and an orphan boy he finds on the trial, Heck is able to start building his ranch into something, but just when his dream of success finally seems within reach, a local cattle baron starts a range war. Mason Lorde owns the largest ranch in Parker County, and he uses his vast wealth to hire an army of gunhands and cutthroats to either force the small ranchers to cut and run or to kill them off. With his brother as town marshal and his oldest friend as county sheriff, Lorde figured there would be no one to stop him from controlling the territory, but he was wrong. Heck is not a man to run from a fight, so with no other choice, he builds an army of his own and prepares to go to war. As the death toll mounts on both sides of the fight, Heck Carson and his men must not only protect themselves, but they also must find a way to protect the innocent folks of Parker County before they become casualties of war.

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