Forbidden Secrets, Egypt 18,000 B.C.

by M.G. Hawking

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Book Description

Explore the Forbidden Secrets of the Antediluvian Civilization of Ancient Egypt. Thousands of years ago a small Neolithic community in the region of the lower Nile abruptly rose to create the most majestic and enduring civilization of history. The ascension of Ancient Egypt to a previously unknown zenith of culture lasting thousands of years demonstrates advancements that have long eluded explanation. What secrets underlie their unprecedented knowledge, sophistication, and accomplishments? From where did their knowledge come, and how long ago? An ever growing body of evidence indicates that a sophisticated Egyptian civilization existed long prior to the last glacial period, and most importantly prior to the ‘Younger Dryas Boundary’ cataclysmic event as well. The ‘YDB’ event, which occurred circa 10,770 BC, was caused by the impacts or air-bursts of several comets, resulting in massive shockwaves and firestorms sweeping across continents, initiating a 1200 year-long epoch of terminal environmental change and catastrophic faunal extinction, effectively wiping all but traces of early civilizations from the historical record. This book explores the forbidden and deeply profound secrets of a magnificent lost civilization, revealing knowledge long concealed in myth and legend. A captivating account you will not forget. 2018 Edition Kindle Unlimited Book. For more information, please see the description on the book’s Amazon page. Thank you.

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