Forever In My Heart

by Rosalee Adams
  • Book Author : Rosalee Adams
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

Two sisters’ torn apart by fate…can their lives ever be the same again?Mail Order Bride, Ines, has been married to Douglas Ristow for four years - together they have a young daughter Linnie.For the most part, they get along well and enjoy each other’s company, having grown to love one another over time, but both hold dark secrets close to their hearts.Ines is very private about her life before Douglas and he is self-absorbed, never even bothering to ask about her past...if he did, he would know that her heart grieves for her lost family.A chance meeting brings Ines’s family much closer than she ever dreamed possible.Can Ines find true happiness once again without risking losing her new family?Will Douglas’s bitter secret stop her from finding the happiness she truly deserves?Get your copy of 'Forever In My Heart' today and find out now!

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