Forgotten RAge

by Melodie Hernandez
  • Book Author : Melodie Hernandez
  • Promo Start : 12/01/2018
  • Promo End : 01/31/2019
  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
  • Original Price : $9.99

Promo Price: $9.99

Book Description

NEVER FORGIVE. NEVER FORGET. As Seattle’s homeless population surges, a serial killer thrives. Slicing the throats of those unfortunate enough to be living on the streets and discarding them like garbage. One man, familiar with the streets of Seattle, gave up a rich and successful life when his wife was brutally murdered. He went off the grid to live a life of nomadic freedom only to re-emerge into society seven years later amid the killer’s rampage through the Emerald City. The question is has he returned to help catch a cold-blooded killer or to avenge his wife’s death by taking victims of his own? Luz Santos – one of Seattle’s finest homicide detectives – relentlessly seeks clues as to who would harm the displaced residents of her city. With each new phase of the investigation, she uncovers information that turns the killer’s focus towards her and those she cares about. Fiercely determined to catch the murderous maniac Luz pushes herself to the breaking point. With her career, her heart and the lives of so many on the line, will her sacrifices be enough to stop this butcher? Or will she, too, become a victim of forgotten rage?

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