Four Seasons (Butterscotch Jones Cozy Mysteries Book 9)

by Melanie Jackson
  • Book Author : Melanie Jackson
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  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
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Book Description

"Four Seasons" is the ninth installment in the Butterscotch Jones Cozy Mystery Series.Leon Rausch of the CIA was not thrilled to be stranded in the Canadian wilderness. While worried about the attempted assassination that brought down his plane not far from McIntyre's Gulch, he has no idea that other dangers are lurking in the woods around him.With the Mountie snowbound in Winnipeg, it is left to Butterscotch and her neighbors to mount a rescue mission into the territory of The Others and get the passengers and crew out alive. Burdened with injured and hounded by the weather, they are forced to take refuge in an abandoned lodge which was closed up fifty years ago after a string of grisly murders. They may be safe from the weather inside the Hillview, but the old threat is still waiting nearby and ready to strike again.Meanwhile back in McIntyre's Gulch the community must band together to deal with the Beast while both pirates and spirits in the woods prove troublesome.

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