Framed: A Thriller of Mystery & Suspense…

by Michael Stone

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Book Description

After a day's work, the last thing Thomas Miles expected was to wake up on a rooftop with a strange laptop computer handcuffed to his wrist. After apparently being kidnapped from his sleep, Thomas learns that the mysterious computer is decrypting top-secret government files.Looking for answers, Thomas is forced down a road of danger and mystery as he seeks to evade the police and survive the men who seek to sell the top-secret information at a high price. Framed is a heart-pumping thriller that will keep the pages turning!Will Thomas clear his name? Or will he succumb to the forces of a corrupt city that will test his bravery, loyalty, and his love for everyone he holds dear… PROMOTIONAL!CHECK AT THE END OF THIS BOOK FOR ANOTHER STORY WITH A FREE DOWNLOAD!

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