From House to Home (Karina’s Journey Book 1)

by Patricia Bell

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Book Description

For fifteen-year-old Karina Murberry, Life is about to change. When her drug dealing mother lands in jail, she finds herself sleeping on a park bench. What’s a girl to do? Just as she resolves herself to the idea of entering a group home full of bullies and cockroaches, her principal discovers a mysterious emergency contact in her file. Without any discussion, Karina is shipped off to a small town away from everyone she’s ever known. And If learning she has an estranged aunt and grandmother wasn’t bad enough, Karina must now contend with an uncle who is younger than her - and not so nice, either. After overhearing a phone conversation between her aunt and grandmother, Karina suspects that her father, the guy her mother said left them stranded when she was two, could be in this very town. Armed with determination, sharp wit, and her new bestie, Amy, she begins an investigation. After all the lies her mother told her, Karina is on a quest to uncover the truth. Along the way, she uncovers long held secrets, experiences real friendships, and for the first time in her life realizes what it means to go from house to home.

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