Full Moon

by Dave Belisle
  • Book Author : Dave Belisle
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  • Promo End : 07/19/2019
  • Category : Fiction
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Book Description

Dragos Dodos and Bogdan Moldovan are half-brother vampires, growing up together in Draganesti, Transylvania. Dragos has two facial warts - one more than normal - giving him superior powers. All Draganesti dracs are limited however to sucking blood from a victim with their blood type. Bogdan is up against the clock. Not only does the sight of blood make him squeamish, but he must conquer this fear if he's to achieve his prima muscatura (first bite) before he turns 27. If not, his days as a vampire are numbered.Dragos' blood type is the very rare AB-Negative, shared by only one-half of one percent of the population. He's sucked Draganesti dry and must look beyond Transylvania's borders for more. Bogdan however, doesn't want to leave. What's a conniving half-brother to do? Dragos frames Bogdan and the authorities quickly exile him. Off they go to Canada.Fortunately for the blood-sucking duo, the Canadian blood banks are at frighteningly low levels. Prime Minister Harper Collins recruits Dragos and Bogdan to suck the nation's blood. Dragos plots for political power in Quebec while Bogdan is simply trying to cut his teeth. He falls in love with his first victim. As a vampire, Bogdan just plain sucks."Full Moon" is a vampire romantic comedy for all blood types.

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