Function Most Foul: A Cozy Murder Mystery (Function Frenzy Cozy Mysteries Book 2)

by Alexa Cookster

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Book Description

A new culinary cozy mystery seriesFunction Frenzy, a cooking show, fraught with murderWill Gina Macon ever be able to film a new episode of her show without someone on the set dying? Three new people are sent to kickstart the show. Vanessa Cornell is a new set assistant who could pass as a double for Gina and is a lights out cook! Johnston Ryan, the new Executive Producer, starts out immediately threatening everyone's jobs. Oswald Erlichman is the Johnston’s brother in law and new director.Soon Oswald finds Johnston dead with a knife stuck in his chest.Things get even more foul when someone else dies!Super Sleuths to the rescue!Gina and her kitty Forsynthia spring into action. Can this cooking show survive?Function Frenzy Cozy MysteriesFunction Most Foul is a fun, page turning mystery. This is the second book in the Function Frenzy Series. This is a complete stand alone book. Plus, enjoy our special Foul Frenzy Recipes!Scroll up and grab a copy today

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