Gathering (Thirteenth Legion Series Book 4)

by Eric Gardner
  • Book Author : Eric Gardner
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  • Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Book Description

The first of the legion have been called.What will they find when they arrive?With their personal worlds destroyed, Gabriel, Othia, and Samantha must continue on their journey. An undertaking that marks the final moments of mankind’s existence.Despair unravels Gabriel’s mind. The voices, nightmares, and unspeakable things in the shadows are all too real. His human frailty, fear and uncertainty feed the hell fires that threaten to consume us all.The Assembled still thirst for Gabriel’s blood. As Cincaid intensifies her hunt for her illusive prey—utilizing both conventional and other worldly means. Uther continues to manipulate the global scene, as death’s relentless march nears its final steps.>>>Humanity faces certain slaughter where each of us must choose—will we stand and fight for our eternity our wait for the butchers’ blade on our knees?Scroll Up and Grab Your Copy Today!

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