Gay Adoption

by Gavin Hsieh
  • Book Author : Gavin Hsieh
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Book Description

Throughout history, adoption has brought so much joy to couples who are biologically unable to have children yet still desire to raise a child and start a family. Same-sex couples are no exception to how any of this works: As a couple, the bond between you and your partner will grow stronger as you fulfill your responsibilities as parents. And as an individual, having a child will change you in ways that you couldn’t have imagined. By loving another person unconditionally, you will mature into a better version of yourself. If you and your same-sex partner are thinking of adopting a child to complete your family, this guide is for you. Although the process is virtually the same as any other adoption, this book was written with the same-sex couple in mind. You will learn the different ways to adopt a child, as well as get special tips on same-sex parenting and the occasional challenges that you may encounter.

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