Gheist: A Las Vegas Paranormal Thriller

by Richard Mosses
  • Book Author : Richard Mosses
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  • Promo End : 06/11/2019
  • Category : Mystery & Thrillers
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Book Description

Without a heart, but with a bizarre new power, a young woman seeks to regain what was taken from her – with a ghostly set of allies at her side.When a lost card game indebts her to local gangster Danton, gambling Scotswoman Kat McKay is kidnapped and forced to pay the price – the removal of her heart from her chest. Weak and emotionless, but with a newfound power to see the dead, Kat plans a way get her heart back – with a set of unexpected allies.A fast-paced thriller set in Nevada’s famed gambling towns, Gheist follows Kat and motley crew of criminal ghosts, including mobster Clint, stage magician Melchior, and hitman Jack ‘The Knife’, as they embark on a risky scheme to regain their freedom, and her heart. Unsure of who to trust, but determined to succeed, will Kat find a way to regain what was taken from her?To find out, get your copy of Richard Mosses’ latest novel, 'Gheist,' right now.

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