Ghost Marina On the Mississippi

by Dexter James

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Book Description

My new book, a historical novel, is called: ‘Ghost Marina on the Mississippi' by Dexter James A kind of Stephen King meets Clive Cussler, as the story does involve the disappearance of some high-profile boats, their passengers and crew, but there are also some haunting moments in the novel. The novel flips between modern day and World War II and centres around a man's search for his grandfather, a U.S. Seaman, whose demise was categorized as 'missing in action'. But how could that be when during a brief telephone call to his wife, he told her he was about to embark on a boat trip along the rivers connecting Knoxville to St. Louis which raises questions regarding his disappearance: - what was so critical that he should be taken off important Atlantic runs to travel upriver in the U.S.? - what possible purpose could he have been fulfilling for the war effort while on the Mississippi? - why are there no records of his assignment? - why are there no details of his disappearance? These are questions Jason has decided to investigate. After all, he is a widower on permanent disability leave and his family have concerns for his well-being, but the quest has given him a sense of purpose and it is about to change his life forever.

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