Goddesses: This is Where Your Power Lives: Advice on Love, Career and Well-being


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Book Description

Delving into loss, empowerment, and despair, this is a unique, page-turning art of nonfiction with real-life stories. This is a compilation of gorgeously written stories about daring to be more, transcending expectations, and generating opportunities for yourself when doors are being slammed in your face. This book will provide the road back to yourself and teach you how to stop doubting the greatness in yourself and act with love, as the absence of love is fear. This is an honest, blunt, sassy, unapologetic and raw account of life-changing insights of hope, faith, and personal transformation. As the reader discovers the depths of courage in vulnerability, you learn along with her that in forgiving your past and moving toward your truest selves, you will flourish in the chaos of life.

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