God’s Word: He Guides us to Victory

by Jamie V. Love
  • Book Author : Jamie V. Love
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Book Description

The Word of God is by far the most important thing in my life. It Instructs me, it guides and counsels me, it corrects, comforts, and talks to me (and much more.) It has set me free from poverty, sickness, addiction, and really, all of life’s challenges. It also answered all my questions I had about life and given me a calling. This is an instruction guide on how to live a victorious life and it has chapters on verses about faith, wisdom, health, riches and wealth, purpose, overcoming the world, and some verses on what God says about instruction and counsel. God wants us all to be prosperous and have good success in everything we put our hands to do, and His Word benefits and profits us in every way. We can count on it, because it is the truth.

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