God’s Word: Jesus Christ our Superman

by Jamie V. Love
  • Book Author : Jamie V. Love
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Book Description

Just about everyone likes the idea of having a superhero to save them, or the thought of being the super hero, saving the world. Well I have good news for those people; Jesus Christ is our Superhero (He is the only real one,) and He gives us His faith to overcome the world. So, in reality; in Him we are also superheroes. Find out who He is, and who you are in Him. Let Him change your mind, body, and spirit, so that you can live a supernatural and powerful life. He is full of love and compassion, and He turns no one away. Not only is He the only one who can save us from hell on earth and below, but His Name is the only one with power, and in Him we can do all things. With Jesus by our side we will not only live our full potential, and live the best life possible, but we will also experience signs and wonders, miracles, and answered prayer. With His strength and power, there is nothing we cannot do.

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