God’s Word: Who is God and what is love?

by Jamie V. Love
  • Book Author : Jamie V. Love
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Book Description

No matter what our religion or family speculate about God, we all want to know who He really is. Some have rejected the idea that there is a God (I was one of them;) some think He is to blame for the evil in the world; some think He is too busy to answer our prayers, or He won't because we are not perfect in our own eyes; or simply because we think that He does not love us. He actually makes it clear in His Word who He is and how much He loves the entire human race. He is constantly expressing His desire to have a relationship with us. Understanding and knowledge of God is the most important information in the world. Because it completely frees us from all the lies in the world. The truth opens doors to deliverance; health; wealth; purpose; self-growth and improvement; prosperity and good success in all areas of our lives; cleansing of the mind body and soul (overcoming depression, addiction, overeating, anger, unforgiveness, foolishness, lack of motivation and ambition, bad habits, even all challenges that are in the world that seem impossible for us conquer.)

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