Gourmet Mag: The Italian Spring Issue

by Claudia Rinaldi
  • Book Author : Claudia Rinaldi
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Book Description

The Gourmet Mag is an Italian cooking magazine that explores authentic and traditional recipes, a bit of modern cuisine, Italy’s food culture, people, places and seasonal fun. In every issue, you get a collection of Italian dishes for you to explore and enjoy seasonal produce and cooking methods. Introducing you to Southern, Central and Northern Italian food recipes, it gives you a glimpse of the immense world of ingredients, traditions and the essentials of classic Italian cooking. You’ll find both everyday Italian recipes and special, gourmet dishes for your gatherings and celebrations. You can relax with simple and easy Italian recipes, or challenge yourself into two days leavening breads (hello rainy weekends!). Servings are for two people, to be duplicated as desired. Measures are both in gr and oz. The issue that celebrates the end of lethargy :-), re-birth and flowers! We’ve rested enough with our endless Netflix marathons, hot teas, wool socks and comfy pajamas. Now it’s time for some action. And by action I mean going to the park, laying down on the grass and admiring the clouds. (hahaha) No, really, there’s so much coming ahead: Easter, May celebrations, gardening challenges, reconnecting with friends that survived to hibernation, exploring new places, ingredients, and recipes! Don’t you want to mindfully live every bit of it? Let me inspire a bit of your cooking, your reads and your activities with my Italianity…

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