Gratitude: Increase Happiness with the Simple Act of Giving Thanks

by Joanne Hillyer

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Book Description

Do you want to learn how gratitude can help you increase happiness, gain physical health, and build better relationships? Check out my free book and find out. Gratitude is acceptance and appreciation for what we have and for those around us. It’s difficult to appreciate these things when the ego is in the way. Fortunately, there is a way to control your ego. The important thing is to ask the ego to stand aside to allow the conscious and subconscious to meet. Once they meet, it’s important to ask yourself what makes you truly happy, and make sure to be completely honest. Keep asking why you might feel a certain way and what you can do about it. You are becoming your own therapist and learning more about yourself. This is what makes gratitude a powerful weapon: It teaches us to let go and to appreciate what’s around us. It is the impulse that leads us to the path of happiness, satisfaction, and true validation. Everyone is in pursuit of happiness. Sadly, many people believe that happiness can only be achieved by acquiring money and materialistic things. We are so focused on chasing after the superficial aspects of life that we neglect the people who truly care about us. However, through gratitude we are able to open our eyes to true happiness. Gratitude helps us let go and appreciate what we have and those around us.

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