Gua Sha – Learn the Ancient Anti Ageing Practise of Gua Sha.

by Bridget Halstead

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Book Description

If you’ve ever wondered if there is an alternative to the expensive creams and body care you have to pay for every month, if you’ve ever wondered why you have to take a pill for every minor ailment, or are simply interested in effective Oriental medicine, then this book is for you. A technique developed in the far east and used for centuries, Gua Sha is a simple, effective scraping method used for maintaining optimum health and helping to prevent and combat minor illnesses such as headaches, colds, neck and shoulder pain, anxiety, backache, insomnia and even depression. Before you think this is another new-age hogwash designed to make you feel good while actually doing nothing for you and your health, the practice of Gua Sha is actually backed by science from reputable research and have been proven to improve microcirculation. In this definitive guide by Bridget Halstead, you’re taken step by step through all you need to know and everything you need to do to treat yourself and others both safely and effectively using the ancient but tested and proven techniques. Here’s what you’ll discover in Gua Sha - Learn the Ancient Anti Ageing Practise: How to select the right tools for this technique. The best way to do Gua Sha for your face without harming yourself and others. How to successfully do a full body Gua Sha. Frequently asked questions, answered. …and more! Packed with accessible and practical information, anyone interested in their beauty, health and wellbeing, whet

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