Habits Of Highly Effective People: What Are The Habits Of Successful People?

by Lela Gibson

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Book Description

Judging from your interest in the title of this book, it is right to assume that as an individual, you are someone interested in forming habits that help you achieve great success in whatever undertaking: financial success, weight loss success, relationship success, productivity, etc. This assumption draws upon the notion that to achieve immense success in your life, you have to be, undoubtedly, effective. Unfortunately, if you are like most people, which rightly, you are, unless you have a strand of super alien DNA that allows you to ninja your way through habit formation, in which case, you should patent yourself and sell you DNA to the masses, you are amongst the many who struggle with the process of creating lasting habits. Like most, even though you start practicing things/habits that promise to bring you success, after practicing these things for a few days, your desire to practice them reduces and you resort to bad habits that deny you success. Even more unfortunate is the fact that most books on the habit change subject rally on and on about how, to live an effective, and as such, a successful life, you should adopt so and so habit, but rarely do they guide you through the process of habit change or show you how to make these ‘success’ habits sticky. If there is one thing we know about habits, it is this: adopting a habit is, at first, easy; however, turning something you do one day into something you do every day, the very definition of a habit, is not eas

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