Hannah’s Journey

by Kimberly C. Miller
  • Book Author : Kimberly C. Miller
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  • Category : Christian Fiction
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Book Description

They seem to be made for each other. But is their love strong enough to conquer sickness, separation, and even death? Friends from childhood, Hannah and James drifted apart after James made a rash decision that changed the course of both their lives. Now, they’ve been given a second chance, but illness and ambition may drive them apart. Hannah is fighting a life threatening illness. At last, it seems she may be able to overcome it. But circumstances conspire to make that impossible. James is an aspiring missionary to the natives in the western U.S. But hostile relations have made his mission more challenging and much more dangerous. When his life hangs in the balance, Hannah must make a crucial choice. Can Hannah face her fears and find the strength to fight for the man she loves? Will love and faith be enough to overcome the challenges ahead? Fans of Grace Livingston Hill and Catherine Marshall will love this old-fashioned, sweet Christian historical romance.

Kimberly C. Miller


Kimberly Miller began dreaming of becoming an author at the age of eight years old. Books and reading have always been her passion, and she has finally found a way to combine that love of reading with history, another passion of hers. The victorian era in particular holds a special fascination for her, perhaps from reading so many L.M. Montgomery books as a child. More than once, she has felt that she was born a century too late. Writing historical fiction has brought Kimberly the fulfillment of her lifelong dream and given her a way to unite her dual loves of history and books. She and her husband live with their eight children on 19 acres in rural Maine, the perfect state to live in as an author.

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