Hannibal’s Foe

by Edward Green

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Book Description

Ambush! I think Scipio assumed that the Numidians’ horses would be tired after a long ride the night before and the swim across the river. It was a logical assumption. But it was wrong. A Numidian patrol had caught up to us about two hours after we first sighted them across the river. There were only six of them. We charged them only to realize our mistake as the first two fell, surprised by the unexpected attack. From the thick trees and underbrush behind them, erupted dozens of horsemen alerted by the sounds of our weapons striking Numidian armor. I cursed and wheeled away from the river, following Scipio into the nearest tree line to the south with the rest of the men. We rode full tilt, ignoring the low branches and protruding roots praying for Fortuna’s grace.

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