Happiness. The art of living in harmony and unity with the self but also with nature : A journey of self-awareness through understanding animal nature

by Kostas Dimitriadis
  • Book Author : Kostas Dimitriadis
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Book Description

We are all looking for it, we all desire it, but for some strange reason only few can achieve it: Happiness, the holy grail of life, is elusive. And yet things are not as complicated as we think; there is a reason we cannot approach happiness and there is a way to achieve it. All it takes is to look for it in the right place; to set out on the journey that life calls us to make. It is the journey of discovering our deeper nature, a nature that has a history of millions of years and which is part of life that is evolving. As humans we are peculiar in that we are different from other animals but at the same time we are so alike. Facing this peculiarity and finding in it the lost part of our self, the part that will take us to a state of harmony and unity with the self but also with nature, we will have everything it takes to make the journey that will give meaning to life, a reality....THIS EDITION CONTAINS THE BOOKS BY KOSTAS DIMITRIADIS:-DISCOVER YOUR DEEPER NATURE. A NEW LIFE WILL BEGIN-SENSES-EMOTIONS-THOUGHT AND INTUITION-A PET CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE

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