HAPPY LIVING: A guide to understand yourself and your behaviours

by Ali Khaheshi

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Book Description

Would you like to have a happier life? Would you like to understand yourself, your subconscious mind and your behaviors better than ever before? The compact, yet practical book of HAPPY LIVING has been written as a guidebook to inspire and encourage people to be better persons than ever before by going on a psychological, philosophical and spiritual journey. Plenty of techniques will be explained in the book, based on the real experiences, to enable you to benefit from and easily implement them in your daily life. How to deal with anger, frustrations, overthinking, social influences and fear of unknown are just a couple of the subjects which will be discussed in the book. Passion, self-esteem, personal flexibility, life values and true internal happiness are the other topics which all will be covered in this guidebook. Are you ready for a short, yet memorable life journey? Be sure that you won’t be the same person when you finish reading HAPPY LIVING.

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