Healthy and Easy Rice Cooker Recipes: Best Rice Cooker Recipe Cookbook and Instructions How to Use a Rice Cooker (+ Weight Loss Rice Recipe, 7 days Rice Diet Plan

by Henry Wilson

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MASTER YOUR RICE COOKER WITH 170+ BEST RICE RECIPES! Rice is one of the favorite side dishes in the modern kitchen. It is low in calories, yet has a large number of useful substances for the body: potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, calcium, iodine and selenium, as well as 8 amino acids needed to create new cells. However, despite its popularity, rice is considered to be one of the most difficult cultivated crops and the most demanding in terms of cooking. In case of improper processing of the product, all its useful properties and taste qualities are lost. Thanks to such a great invention as a rice cooker, the process of cooking rice has become simple. Many rice cookers have a heating function, so the rice stays warm as long as you need. The rice cooker does not need to be monitored, because it has a built-in timer that automatically turns off the rice cooker when the rice is ready. In this book you will find a lot of tips about: - how to use the rice cooker, - how to cook rice in a rice cooker so that the rice is not burnt, and the pan is not spoiled, as well as how to correct the situation if the rice is undercooked, - how to prepare tasty rice and chicken meals, meat and rice meals, healthy vegan rice cooker meals, risotto recipes, plus Mexican and Asian rice cooker recipes, - recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals using a rice cooker, as well as soups, side dishes and child friendly dishes for all tastes. Plus many more recipes for a rice cooker. There ar

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