Healthy and Easy Vegan Instant Pot Recipes: 5 Ingredients in 30 Minutes or Less – A Simple and Fast Vegan Cookbook

by Grace Carson
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Book Description

Are you a Vegan? Are you tired after work? Do you have children, or do you live alone? Do you work a lot in a career that is important to you? Are you a creative person and but like cooking? Then this instant pot vegan cookbook is for you — 50-nifty recipes made with only 5 ingredients. Vegan can easily be done in 30 minutes or less. At first, people were skeptical of both; Veganism and the Instant Pot. They thought it wasn’t possible to live without animal products. Some still don’t believe it today, but Vegans are living for sure, and most importantly, caring not only for the animals but for all of us. Something similar we have seen with the instant pot – many believed, “Oh great, just what we needed! Another pot”. Well, my completely-wrong-in-all-ways friend, The Instant Pot is not just another pot, it’s an appliance that can really work for you. This appliance is a hot topic everywhere, from beginner cooks all the way to skilled chefs. Just because they are chefs doesn’t mean they don’t need some extra help in their kitchen or at home. The instant pot is an ingenious appliance, and with this book, we are sure you will be able to explore all of its potentials while preparing your Vegan diet meals. If you are a cook yourself, you probably find yourself navigating through numerous web pages looking for new, authentic, and gourmet Vegan recipes. We offer all of that with only five ingredients and fuss-free recipes. We can proudly (and we do mean proudly) represent ou

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