Healthy Life and Habits: Effective ways to improve your health and your lifestyle

by Andreas Janes

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Book Description

Hello guys,i just released my first ebook and its free for 5 days!!!🤩 It would help me a lot if you could download it(for free),review it and rate it with a 5 stars When you post your e-book below, I will return the favor. (If it's free) 😁💪 The book Healthy Life and Habits will show you effective ways to improve your health and your lifestyle,the book is divided into 10 parts and each one will show and teach you how to improve your health. Book is focused on small and easy things that you can improve day by day and that will help you change your life on better. One of my main goals of this book is to show you that you can through small changes and sacrifices change your life on better. The book is divided into many subtitles that you can use you and teach something you have not know before. Main topic is Health and Diet but there is also many other things that you can learn,for example -Dietary Habits and Behaviors -Cooking and Eating Healthy Meals -Make Dietary Changes Slowly -Incorporate Physical Activity into Your Schedule -Enhance your Sleep Habits -Manage Your Stress -4 Recipes to Eat Healthy on a Budget And many others which will benefit you.

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