Healthy Weight Loss Plan: Complete Guide on Effective Diet, Healthy Meals, and Weight Loss Lifestyle

by James Green

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Book Description

Stop chasing crash diets! After all, quick results are less meaningful than long-term results! Having been fat and sedentary for a long time, I know the feelings of disgust—the sadness in your eyes when you look at your problem areas in the mirror, the scornful looks behind your back, the lack of attention from the opposite sex, the low self-esteem, the constant stress, and the remorse. For a long time, I tried many different diets. I starved myself, I ate only fatty foods or ate only protein. Yes, I have to admit, I had some success. I lost 22 pounds or more. But just as it would seem everything was going well, time after time, I would backslide, and my loss of 22 pounds would turn into an increase of 33 pounds. All these crash diets caused a breakdown in my nervous system. You lose control, and yet again you begin to overeat and gain weight. However, two years ago, my trainer at the gym supported me in implementing a diet that resulted in my losing 35 pounds of fat in 2 months, and this result was not temporary. I got myself into shape, and I have a great figure now. This was not some top-secret diet. By now, I had the proper understanding of nutrition and of the way energy functions in the body. This understanding has changed my life. I started to help many of my friends and even strangers who had problems with excess weight, and they had good results as well. Now I work with dietetics and I have decided to share my successful experience in this short book.

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