Heaven Is a Gay Bar

by Bryan Foreman
  • Book Author : Bryan Foreman
  • Promo Start : 08/12/2018
  • Promo End : 08/20/2018
  • Category : Kindle Unlimited / Romance
  • Original Price : $2.99

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Book Description

Once a recluse, 30-year-old Benjamin Oldman spends his nights and weekends carousing with fellow construction workers, looking for the perfect bar, which ultimately leads him to Club Heaven—the most popular gay nightclub in Oklahoma City. Though he prefers women, Benjamin instantly takes a shine to the place with its dark, brooding atmosphere and heart-pounding music. Plus, he meets plenty of eccentrics and misfits such as himself, including three women who turn his world upside down. Porsche, a transgender who lives as a black woman, takes Benjamin under her wing and becomes his strongest ally and mentor. Then there’s Laura, a self-proclaimed “crazy bitch”, who brings out Benjamin’s wild side…and Barbie, a free-spirited woman in her twenties who Benjamin falls in love with despite an age gap and her ever-increasing dependence on heroin. Benjamin never thought he’d have to compete against an illegal substance—or that his “coming out” might lead to his undoing.

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