Hello Stranger :This story is not about vampires!!

by Skylar Layzer

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Book Description

It’s hard standing here, in front of you, and not kiss you… How can something so wrong, feel so right? Emilia has been waiting for months, for the old gift of the Blood Aristocracy to awaken in her. Even her best friend doesn't know about her magical descent. The laws of the Blood Aristocracy are very strict and under no circumstances is it allowed to share knowledge with outsiders. Things get even more difficult when she meets a gorgeous guy Luzius and sparks are flying. While she struggles with her feelings, the problems have only just begun. Too bad that Luzius is forbidden fruit. Being with him is against the rules of the hidden society they are born into. Little did she know that this encounter would turn her world upside down. Hello Stranger is the first book in a series of Gifted contemporary fantasy romance novels. Let’s explore the mystical story of Luzius & Emilia today!

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