Hidden Revenue Opportunities

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Book Description

Are you leaving money on the table? Let me rephrase that: You ARE leaving money on the table! Did you know that 96% of businesses are NOT maximizing their full profit potential? Most businesses are great at their primary service, but are grossly overlooking dozens of hidden opportunities lying dormant in their businesses just waiting to spring to life to generate additional income streams...WITHOUT additional customers, WITHOUT spending more on marketing, WITHOUT hiring more employees, and WITHOUT any additional expenses. Amazon bestselling author and entrepreneur Antonio Thornton shares his most effective business secrets with you to help you find the Hidden Revenue Opportunities (HIROs) in your marketing strategy. You don’t need to work overtime or sell more product to make more money. You can double or even triple your revenue using the resources you already have — you just need to know how to do it. Do online marketing for small business the right way. Within these pages, you’ll find the online marketing strategy that has already changed the businesses — and lives — of tens of thousands of business owners. You’ll learn how to: Optimize Your Lead Generation. Using the marketing tools you already have, increase the number of leads you get from advertising. Maximize Your Sales Potential. Ensure that you’re serving your customers the most you possibly can with your sales strategy. Make Money After the Sale.

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