Hiring By THE BOOK

by Alan Balmer
  • Book Author : Alan Balmer
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Book Description

Hiring by THE BOOK will take you through Biblical wisdom on how to take measured steps ensuring that you hire only the best candidates for positions you are seeking to fill. In addition, the principles in this book will help you determine where current employees might fit into your organization best, if they need to be in your organization at all. Alan Balmer is a seasoned professional in the human resources and temporary staffing agency fields and has been responsible for the hiring of thousands of job applicants. The principles in this book have helped Balmer to achieve better results in the interviewing and selection process. Through this book, you will find valuable information to determine how to interview and what to look for in candidates. All of this information will benefit your organization to ensure you have the right players on the team, giving your organization the best chance of success.

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