Homecoming: Keepers of the Stone Book Three

by Andrew Anzur Clement

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Book Description

A head-strong adventurer. A childhood vendetta. A gateway that could unravel history’s future. Malka and Stas have finally made it to Poland – with the Chosen and Zaima hot on their heels. Stas has always dreamed of returning to the homeland he has never been to. But nothing is going at all like he planned. He starts to question if he has what it takes to save Nell; he and Malka are forced to strike an uneasy alliance with a streetwise gipsy girl of mysterious origin. For Malka, this quest is the last responsibility her Master gave her. Yet, after all that’s happened, she too has begun to question her place in the world – and her resolve. Then, a series of startling revelations causes her to make a terrible mistake that changes everything. Preventing the magical Fragment’s power from being released now could require her to make the ultimate sacrifice. Will she be able to do what it takes in a looming final battle to control the world’s fate? As the final goal of their quest becomes clear, Stas and Malka must redefine their inner courage to fight for a world that will give them no quarter. All it's salvation will cost is the highest price either of them can think of…. The Keepers of the Stone fantasy trilogy is metaphysical, action-packed adventure that will keep you guessing from its middle-of-the-action opening, right up until the end. An epic fantasy adventure of expansive proportions that tests the limits of our potential.

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