by Carolyne Aarsen
  • Book Author : Carolyne Aarsen
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  • Category : Romance
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Book Description

A heart broken twice by love and family. Can a trip to the ranch give her a second chance with both? Sheryl Kyle isn’t the trusting type. After all, her abusive late husband and her disapproving stepfather haven’t given her much reason to feel otherwise. But when a rugged rancher named Mark seeks her out she learns her stepfather is on his deathbed. And his dying wish is for her to return to Sweet Creek for one last chance to reconcile… Homecoming is the first book in the Sweet Creek Series of Christian romances. If you like chemistry on the ranch, moving tales of redemption, and second chances, then you’ll love this story of old wounds and new loves. If you are a fan of Karen Kingsbury and Robin Lee Hatcher you’ll love this story of old wounds and new loves. Buy Homecoming today to rediscover the sweetness of life at Sweet Creek.

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