Honeymoon Ideas: Fun and Romantic Honeymoon Destinations Off The Beaten Path

by Cris McClain
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Book Description

The long-awaited and much anticipated honeymoon vacation for the two of you – soon to be husband and wife – is almost on the horizon, and you and your partner are ready to decide on the perfect location. However, the more you search for prospective destinations, either the more disappointed you get with the clichés or the more worried you get with the idea of having to empty your bank account for a great honeymoon. In this book, I will lead you through a smorgasbord of the most dazzling, fun, romantic honeymooning locales in the world. While some may be exotic places which appeal to the less financially-concerned crowd, others will be locations which fit perfectly within the requisites of the budgeting honeymooners, without having to compromise on the beauty, romance and thrills of the honeymoon you both deserve. Let’s get started!

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