How to Ace an Interview

by Gilbert Maynard
  • Book Author : Gilbert Maynard
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Book Description

Interviewing for a new job is never an easy task, but nonetheless, it's an important one. No matter how solid your qualifications, how thorough your experience, or how glowing your references are, your performance during a job interview is what really makes or breaks your chances of landing the job you're vying for. But don't let that little fact make you stressed out; rather, let it get you excited! Why? Because with the help of this book, you're going to ace this interview! I'm going to show you the ropes to master the art of interviewing, from getting prepared in advance, to knowing exactly what to say and do (and what NOT to say or do) during your interview, to following up afterwards. So if you're ready to walk into your next interview with confidence and ease, and walk out having left one heck of a good impression, then let's get started!

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