How to be a good friend: Right things to do if someone is sad (“Emotion of sadness” Bedtimes Story Children’s Picture Book 1)

by Betty Neal
  • Book Author : Betty Neal
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  • Category : Christian Fiction
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Book Description

Purpose of the book Often children from 0 to 5 years do not think that other people also have feelings. Because of this, they may not notice that someone is sad. And even if they do notice, they often do not know how to react to it. I wrote this book in order to arouse sympathy in a child. Reading the book, the child empathizes with the protagonist. The book causes specific emotions in a child. And when a child experiences these emotions, it gets easier to teach him something important. The main results of the book. When you read this book with your children, they will learn to: - distinguish the basic emotions of sadness and joy - support a friend in a difficult situation - use the right words and phrases to support a friend in real life - do not leave a friend in need, and pay attention to the fact that someone is sad - be a true friend This story will help the child to build relationships with parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, and other relatives and friends. Features of the book: - The main characters of the book: Dragon Debbie - the favorite character of all children, and the boy Elvis - the guy who supported Dragon Debbie at a difficult moment - stunning illustration on every page that immerse the child in the story - illustrations perfectly convey the emotions of the characters, and this helps the child to feel what the heroes of the book feel. - at the end of the book, there is a moral - what the child will endure after reading the book

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