How to Be a Good Girlfriend and Keep Your Boyfriend Happy: An Essential Guide to Being the Perfect Girlfriend and Creating a Successful Relationship

by Andres Munsel
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Why should the women of today — who want to be treated equally to men — be motivated to go above and beyond in their relationship? The truth is, some women don't feel any desire to go out of their way to make their partners especially happy, and that's their prerogative. But contributing that bare minimum to a relationship makes you far from perfect, and makes the relationship far from perfect too. Even more so now that 21st century men are increasingly realizing their own shortcomings and attempting to correct them. Luckily, you're here reading this now because you probably aren't among the status quo: You're ready to take a path of self-improvement for the benefit of your relationship and the happiness of your boyfriend. Kudos! The perfect woman (in the opinion of most men) is an assertive and confident leader at work, a gourmet chef at home, a goddess in bed, and a master organizer. She's not only skilled, intuitive, intelligent, well-read, witty, and positive, but can put her hair in a pony-tail and whoop ass better than the best, when needed. Sure, this massive expectation isn't exactly fair, but that's the meaning and price of perfection. Getting into a relationship is easy, but keeping a relationship happy is hard work — even more so if you wish to be the unequivocal owner of your man's heart and mind.

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